Beavertail and Jamestown

We had one of the nicest days of the summer for this trip and decided to try something new and go around
the lower half of the island that Jamestown, RI sits on. At the end of the island is Beavertail State Park and
a lighthouse.  The shore along the southern island has some beautiful cliffs and rocks.  There is a small strip
of land, just wide enough for a road and beach, that joins the two halves of the island. The area between the
two islands is known as Mackerel Cove. Feeling more ambitious than usual, we put-in across from Mackerel
Cove circumnavigated the southern half of the island and came up around to Jamestown Harbor. After taking
in the views of Newport across the bay, we backtracked and landed on the beach at Mackerel Cove.


area map




 Toward Bearvertail



 Chasing Tall Ship

 Newport Bridge



To MackerelCove

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