Elkhorn Slough, California

Elkhorn Slough is an estuary about half way between Monterey and Santa Cruz. We paddled about
seven miles up to the end and back.  We were again treated to lots of pelicans and seals which is
certainly something we don’t see in Narragansett Bay.  We again rented boats from Monterey Bay
Kayaks who have an excellent facility at the Slough.

 Area Map


 Monterey Kayaks

 Seals All Around

 Top of the Slough

 Dry Shores


 Slough Scenery 2

 Slough Scenery 3

 Slough Scenery

 Alongside The Avacado Farms

 Slough Traffic

 Pelican Landing

 Fly By

 Pelicans In Formation




 Pacific Pelican

 Pacific Pelican 2

 Swimming Pelicans

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