Tomales Bay & Pt. Reyes

Tomales bay is a long (about 20 miles) narrow bay that lies between the Point Reyes National Seashore
and the mainland.  It is known as a popular breeding ground for great white sharks and also happens
to lie right over the San Andreas fault line (neither of these should discourage you from paddling here,
however).  With its sparsely inhabited coastline, you have nice views of the mountains on both sides
and very little boat traffic.  There are many beaches to stop at to enjoy the scenery. Two outfitters are
located on the bay where kayaks can be rented, Blue Waters in Inverness, and Tamal Saka, in Marshall. 
After your trip, take the extra time to drive up to the Point Reyes light house (about 15 miles from
Inverness) for specacular views of the pacific cliffs and Drakes Bay.

 PtReyes Area Map



























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