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We have been kayaking as a group for about the past three years. During that time, we’ve upgraded kayaks several times and appreciate well designed and crafted boats. We’ve also learned that having
just one boat is nearly impossible, so between the three of us, we have a fleet of 12 kayaks.  We’re always interested in trying out new boats as they come on the market.  In the past year, we started taking a camera with us and slowly the photos have accumulated providing us with a nice journal of our trips. I have the good fortune of having two very good kayaking buddies, Neal and Barry, who have been willing subjects for many of these photos. Most of our adventures are in nearby Narragansett Bay.  We are fortunate to live near such a nice body of water.  Some of our trips took us beyond the local area to Buzzards Bay as well as to California and the Caribbean.

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